Ajira Landing - Day One

 Screen Shots Day One

Travels Throughout Day One

Hydra Islet- (Day)- Ajira Airlines 316 is flying towards Guam with Kate, Sayid, Hugo, Sun, Jack, and approximately twenty others passengers.  Frank Lapidus is piloting the airliner.  Lightning appears in the sky. The plane hits turbulence. Frank says ”Oh no!” as the turbulence gets much worse.  Night turns to day.  The flight loses power.  Hydra Island comes into view. The altimeter reading is 650’ as the plane negotiates around a steep mountain on the main island.   Power is restored. As the co-pilot is calling for a mayday, the numbers are being broadcast from the radio tower.  The pilots see a runway on Hydra islet and attempt to land on it, over shooting it slightly and crashing the plane into the jungle. During the crash, a branch breaks through the windshield and impales/kills the co-pilot.  The co-pilots blood covers Frank.  Sun and Ben are onboard with about 20 passengers, but Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid are somehow missing.
“Namaste” 05x09

Hydra Islet- (Day)- Lapidus gathers the approximately 20 survivors and tells them the radio is dead, but he is sure that a rescue will be forthcoming. Ceaser tells the group that a building and animal cages are close and they should check it out for a radio. Ben slips away from the group. Sun and Lapidus follow Ben.
“Namaste” 05x09

Hydra Islet-  (Day)- Lapidus, Ben, and Sun assemble at the main island side of Hydra.  There are three boats there.   Ben tells Lapidus that he has people that he needs to take care of, also.  Ben tells Lapidus that there is a small dock about ½ mile due South across the water that leads directly to a town where he used to live. Sun knocks out Ben with an oar before Ben can finish.
“Namaste” 05x09

Hydra Islet- (Day)- (Off Camera)- Sun and Frank carry Ben to the makeshift infirmary and Franks takes care of the passengers immediate needs.

Hydra Islet- (Night)- Caesar is insides of Ben’s office on Hydra islet. He is searching the office. He finds maps of the island and a shotgun. Ilana interrupts him. Ilana tells Caesar that we found a man, just south of here. He was just standing in the water. He’s wearing a suit. He was not on the plane. Ceaser and Ilana go to the location where flight 316 landed (the plane did not break apart).  A group of survivors are camped around the plane.
The strange man introduces himself as John Locke.
 “The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham”  05x07

Hydra Islet-  (Night)-(Off Camera)-  Sun and Frank, who has the passenger list, leave Hydra for the main Island via the red Outrigger. Two Outriggers remain on the islalnd (brown and Blue)
Off Camera

Submarine Dock- (Night)- Sun and Frank arrive at the submarine dock via the outrigger. As they approach, there is a sound of something moving in the foliage. It is the monster (clicking sounds accompany the movement). Sun, realizing that it is the monster, lies to Frank and tells him it is probably an animal.  The two of them travel onward and reach the processing center.  The center is in disarray and appears not to have been in use for many years. Whispers are heard. A light turns on in one of the building and Christian Shepard appears at the door.  Sun asks Christian if he knows where her husband, Jin, is. Christian tells her to follow him.  They enter the Processing center building. Christian looks at the photos on the wall, which depict the annual recruits every year.  The first one he sees is from 1972 (this is the earliest reference to the Dharma initiative). Christian tells Sun Jin is with their friends and shows her the photo from 1977, which has Jack, Kate, and Hurley in it. Christian tells Sun she has a bit of a journey ahead. to enter.
“Namaste” 05x09

Ajira Landing - Day Two

 Screen Shots Throughout Day Two


  Travels Throughout Day Two

Hydra Beach – (Morning)
Locke is on the beach looking at the main island. Ilana approaches him. Locke asks Ilana about the outriggers behind them.  Ilanna explains that there initially there were three outriggers, but the captain and a woman passenger (Sun) took them in the middle of the night. Locke asks Ilana for a passenger list.  She tells Locke she will have to talk to Ceaser first.  Ilana asks Locke what he remembers. Locke answers “I remember dying”.
“The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham”- 05x07

Hydra Islet- (Night)- Caesar returns to Bens’ office and rifles through the Dhama files. John Locke enters the office.  Locke explains to Caesar that the file he is looking at has a logo, which means it is from a group called the Dharma Initiative. Locke explains that he knows this because he was previously on the island (main) for over 100 days Locke tells Caesar that the timing of him on the island would just confuse him. Locke requests that he and Ceaser visit the injured at the injured at the infirmary
“The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham”  05x07

Hydra Islet- Infirmary-  (Night)- Locke focuses on one injured passenger, Ben. Caesar asks Locke if he knows him. Locke responds, “ Yes, he’s the man who killed me”
The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham”  05x07

Main Island- (Day/Night)- Sun and Frank spend the complete day and night at the barracks waiting for Locke per Christian Shephard's instructions.
Off Camera

Ajira Landing - Day Three

Screenshots Throughout Day Three

Travels Throughout Day Three

Hydra - Infirmary –(Day) Ben wakes up to Locke. Locke- ‘ Hello Ben, welcome back to the land of the living’
Ben-‘ My God, your alive. I knew it. I know it would happen. Ben tells Locke he was going to the main the island to be judged for breaking the rules.
“Dead is Dead”-05x12

Hydra – Beach - (Day) Three people are working on a large container. Ben asks Ilana ‘What’s in the crate?’ Ilana answers- ‘ Just some stuff we need to get moved.’ One of them has a rifle with him.
“Dead is Dead”-05x12

Hydra - Beach- (Day) Caesar approaches Ben and tells Ben that Locke had told him that Ben killed Locke. Ben tells Caesar that he does not remember Locke on the plane (Ben is fooling Caesar), so he is probably a crazy person who must have been on the island before they crash-landed.  Caesar shows Ben his shotgun, (in a carry bag) and tells Ben not to worry, that he has his back.
“Dead is Dead”-05x12

Hydra- Ben’s office- (Day) Ben is rifling through his drawers for something. Locke appears in his office. Ben finds a photo of him with Alex and keeps it. Locke makes himself at home in Ben’s office and sits in Ben’s chair with his feet up.
Locke wants to talk to Ben about why Ben killed him.  Ben tells Locke it was the only way to get Locke back to the island, along as with as many of those who left as possible.   Ben told Locke he couldn’t let Locke commit suicide because he had critical information (Jin’s wedding ring for Sun) that would have died with him.  Ben-‘ It worked, they came back’ Locke- “ I was just hoping for an apology” Locke tells Ben he is going to help him with Ben being judged.  
“Dead is Dead”-05x12

Hydra- Beach- (Day) Locke and Ben walk to where one of two boats are, anticipating rowing to the main island.  Caesar tries to them and is shot dead by Ben (how did Ben steal Caesar’s shotgun?).
“Dead is Dead”-05x12

Submarine Dock- Main Island- (Day) Ben and Locke cross the water to the main island and travel to the submarine dock.  Locke tells Ben he thinks he is lying about being judged for leaving the island and coming back.  Locke tells Ben “you don’t care about rules.” Locke tells Ben he is to be judged for killing Alex.
“Dead is Dead”-05x12

Barracks – (Night) Ben and Locke arrive at the Barracks. Locke asks Ben whose idea was it to move into the house.  Locke tells Ben it doesn’t seem like something the island would want.  A light appears on Ben’s house, Alex’s old room.  Ben enters his old house to investigate and finds Sun and Frank there.  Jin shows Ben a photo of the Dharma Initiative from 1977 with Kate, Hurley and Jack.  Ben said he had no idea of about the photo.  Sun told Ben that Christian said she had to wait in Ben’s house for John Locke if she ever wanted to see Jin again.  Locke tells Sun he has no idea how or why he is alive.  Locke tells Sun if she leaves she will never see Jin again.  Lapidus leaves for Hydra.
“Dead is Dead”-05x12

Barracks- (Night) At Ben’s barracks, Ben comes out and Locke is missing.  Sun is on the porch.  Ben tells Sun he never knew Locke would be resurrected.  Ben says – “Dead is Dead”.  Locke comes out of the jungle and tells Ben he knows how to get to the smoke monster.
“Dead is Dead”-05x12

Ajira Landing - Day Four


Screen Shots Throughout Day Four


Travels Throughout Day Four

Main Island Jungle - (Morning) Ben, Sun, and Locke travel to the temple.  They approach the wall around our temple (per Ben). Ben- ‘The temple is about ½ mile from here. They built the wall to keep people like the two of you from ever seeing it’ Ben and Locke go under the temple, while Sun waits outside. Before Ben and Locke go beneath the temple, Ben asks Sun that if she ever gets off the island, tell Desmond he is sorry.
Dead is Dead” 05x12
Hydra- (Morning) Lapidus arrive back at Hydra via boat.  A 316 passenger tells him that the group has guns and are in charge now (Ilana and three passengers).  Lapidus approaches Ilana at a large crate.  Ilana asks ‘What lies in the shadow of the statue?’  Lapidus does not the answer and then Ilana knocks Lapidus out with a gun.  Ilana tells one of her conspirators to take Lapidus with them.
“Dead is Dead” 05x14

Temple- (Day) John Locke and Ben Linus go beneath the Temple.  Ben tells Locke that when Keamy arrived all he had to do was walk out of his barrack and Alex would have lived.  Locke tells Ben that Ben is correct, he did kill Alex, and will have to answer for that.  Locke leaves Ben, as Ben must travel alone to the Temple.  As Ben walks forward the floor gives way and Ben falls approximately 10 feet onto a sub floor.  Ben then moves alone forward to an alter.  Ben’s torch blows out. Monster sounds begin and smoke appears out of a perforated grate.  The smoke monster envelops Ben. Ben sees/hears memories of him with Alex as she grew up and interacted with him.  The smoke monster retreats into the grate, and Ben’s torch is relit.
Alex appears behind Ben (his torch still lit).  Ben tells Alex he is sorry. Alex says she knows.  Then she grabs Ben and tells him “Listen to me you Bastard. I know that you’re already planning to kill John again.  I want you to know if you so much as touch him, I will hunt you down and destroy you. You will listen to every word John Locke says and you will follow his every order, do you understand?”
Ben swears to follow John Locke.  Alex then disappears. Locke appears at the top of the hole Ben fell into. Ben tells Locke” It let me live’
“Dead is Dead” 05x14

Other’s Beach Tent Camp- (Day) Richard is building a ship in a bottle.  Woman (other) approaches Richard and says, “Richard, he’s here” (Richard and woman don’t use Locke’s name, it’s understood).  Locke approaches the camp with a fresh killed boar for food. Locke is wearing a backpack.  Richard – “It’s been three years”.  Richard notices something different about Locke.  Sun and Ben follow Locke in joining the camp. Richard asks Locke – “Why is he (Ben) here?” Locke-“Ben helped me get back”. Ben explains to Sun that Locke is the leader of the Others now. Ben also tells Sun that Richard is a kind of advisor. He has had that job for a very, very long time.  Sun shows Richard the photo of Jin, Hugo, Jack, and Kate from 1977.  Richard tells Sun he watched them all die 30 years ago.
Sun asks Locke is he believes they are all dead. Locke-“I don’t think we went through all this for nothing.”
Locke promises Sun that if there’s a way for you and Jin to be together again, if there’s a way to save our people, I’ll find it.
Follow the Leader “– 05x12

Main Island - Jungle– (Night) Ben, Locke, and Richard are traveling toward the beechcraft.  Richard does not understand how Locke disappeared.  They travel to the beechcraft (flew out of Nigeria and crashed on island) Locke tells Richard what he will have to do during Locke’s experience during flash two and gives Richard a first aid kit out of his backpack. Locke makes sure that Richard tells Locke that he must bring everyone back to the island.  When he asks how to do that he’s going to have to die. 
Locke tells Ben the island told hem the exact time the flash would show up. Ben admits to Locke the island never told him anything.
Locke tells Ben that Ben has never seen Jacob.  Locke disappears. Ben asks where he went.  Locke tells Ben he went (disappeared) to give Richard his compass back. Richard keeps the bullet he took out of Locke’s leg. Richard tells Locke he did what was asked of him, even telling Locke that he would have to die. Richard says he’s glad that didn’t happen. Locke tells Richard he did die. Richard does not understand.
Follow the Leader “– 05x12

Other’s beach camp- (Night) Richard Alpart tells Locke some Others are at the temple, but the rest of them are at the camp.  Locke speaks to the camp members and tells them he wants to meet Jacob and wants them to go along. Locke tells Sun that Jacob can tell them how to bring Jin and the rest of the people back here.
Follow the Leader “– 05x12

Ajira Landing - Day Five

Screen Shots Throughout Day Five

Travels Throughout Day Five

Main Island- East Coast- (Morning) Locke is leading the Others to Jacob from their beach camp. Locke asks Ben why Ben hasn’t told Richard of his plan to murder Jacob. Ben tells Locke about how Alex said she would destroy him if Ben did not do everything Locke asked of Ben.  Locke appears not to know about this. Ben tells Locke he will do anything Locke asks of him, regardless of what it is. Locke tells Ben that Ben must kill Jacob.
“Follow The Leader” - 05x15

Hydra Islet – (Morning) Ilana, Bram, Burnett, Wolfe, and Salinger leave Hydra Island via the blue (two pontoon) outrigger.  They are traveling with a large metal box containing the true Locke’s body and an unconscious Lapidus.  They are traveling to the Main Island to visit Jacob at his cabin.
“The Incident- Part One” – 05x16

Main Island- Jungle- (Day) Ilana and her group carry the box towards the Jacob’s cabin.  They need to show Locke’s corpse to Jacob so he will know what he is up against.  They are up against something a lot scarier than Locke’s corpse.  They call themselves the good guys.  They arrive at Jacob’s cabin.  There is a trail of ash surrounding the cabin with a break in it.  Ilana enters the cabin. Ilana still has a bandage on her left hand.
“The Incident- Part One” – 05x16

Jacob’s cabin- (Day) Ilana enters the cabin.  She finds a long blade piercing a cloth to the inside cabin frame.  She knows that Jacob has not been there, nor has she has been for a long time.  Someone else has been using the cabin.  They burn it.  The cloth from the cabin depicts the four-toed statue.  That is where they will go.
“The Incident- Part One” – 05x16

Main Island- Beach Camp- (Day) Locke is leading the Others towards Jacob.  Locke tells the group that Richard Alpert told him they should get to where they are going by nightfall. They should rest, as they will need it for what they are about to do.  Locke and Ben talk alone on the beach.  They appear to be at the Losties camp. Locke points out the hatch door.  Ben tells Locke when they first visited Jacob in the cabin; he was pretending to see Jacob. He was just talking to an empty chair. Ben was just as surprised as Locke when things started flying around.  Ben was embarrassed that he had never seen Jacob.  Ben told Locke he lied, that’s what he does. Locke explained to Ben why he thinks Ben should want to kill Jacob.  Sun finds Charlie’s ring in Aaron’s crib.
“The Incident- Part Two” – 05x17

Main Island- Jungle- (Day) Richard Alpart, Locke leads Others toward Jacob. They come to the four-toed statue.  Locke does not understand what the foot has to do with Jacob (is he lying?).  Richard tells Locke it is where Jacob lives.
“The Incident- Part Two” – 05x17

Four-Toed Statue- (Night) The Other’s make camp outside the statue.  Richard tells Locke if he waited, Jacob would have come to him. Sun asks Ben what happened to the rest of the statue. Ben doesn’t know. Sun doesn’t believe him. Ben, Richard, and Locke enter the statue base. Richard tells Locke that Ben can’t enter, only the leader can. Locke demands that Ben be allowed to enter. Richard acquiesces. Richard opens a secret entrance, but does not enter. Locke and Ben enter. Locke tells Ben things will change once Jacob is gone. Locke gives Ben a knife.
“The Incident- Part Two” – 05x17

Four toed Statue- (Night) Richard Alpart and Sun talk outside the statue base. Ilana and her group approach with the box.   Ilana asks ‘Who is Ricardo?’- She then asks Richard ‘What lies in the shadow of the statue?’ Richard answers in Latin ‘He who saves us all’. Ilana opens the box and shows Richard Locke. Ilana says he was in the cargo hold of Ajira 316 in a coffin.
“The Incident- Part Two” – 05x17

Inside the Statue (Night)- Ben and Locke approach Jacob’s lair. Jacob notices Ben admiring a cloth. Jacob says it takes a very long time, when you’re making the thread, but I guess that’s the point. Locke says hi to Jacob. Jacob says,” You found your loophole”. Locke says “Indeed I did”. Locke tells Jacob “You have no idea what I’ve gone through to be here. Locke tells Ben they have met before in a manner of speaking. Locke tells Ben to stab Jacob. Jacob tells Ben that he has a choice. Jacob tells Ben that Ben can do as Locke asks (stab him) or he can just leave them alone to discuss their issues.  Ben is upset that Jacob ignored him for a long time. Ben has lives on the island for 35 years. Ben asks why Richard could only visit Jacob and forward instructions and lists. Ben was told he would have to wait for an audience with Jacob, but when Locke asks to see Jacob he gets marched straight up here as if he was Moses. Ben asks” Why him, what was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?”
Jacob answers “What about you?” Ben stabs Jacob. Jacobs dying (?) words are “They’re coming”. Locke kicks Jacob into the fire.
“The Incident- Part Two” – 05x17

Jungle close to Swan- 2007- (Night)- Kate regains consciousness while clinging to a large branch in a high tree. She has temporary lost her hearing.  Kate climbs down and finds Miles, who also has lost his hearing.  Kate finds the Hatch door and subsequently the Swan explosion that Desmond initiated.  They are back in 2007.  Kate finds Jack and Sawyer unconsciousness at the boundary of the hole that resulted from the Swan explosion. Jack regains consciousness and Sawyer (who regained consciousness off camera) kicks Jack into the hole, blaming Jack for Juliet’s death.  Sawyer claims Jack was wrong for dropping the bomb into the hole.
“LA X- Part One”- 06x01

Jungle close to Swan inside Dharma van- (Night) Hurly, Jin, and a dying Sayid are together in a Dharma van.  Hurley- “What just happened?” Jin- “I think we moved through time.  White flash, headache, happened to me before.”  They are close enough to the Swan to hear Sawyer yelling at Jack.  Jin leaves the van for the sound of the voices.
“LA X- Part One”- 06x01

Jungle close to Swan- (Night) Jack- “ The bomb must have gone off.”  Sawyer-“You think if an atom bomb went off we would still be standing here?” Jin appears at the top of the excavation and tells Jack that Sayid needs his help.  Sayid is with Hurley at the van two minutes away.  Sayid is still bleeding.  Kate hears Juliet crying for help.
“LA X- Part One”- 06x01

Jungle close to Swan inside Dharma van- (Night) – Hurley is alone with a dying with a dying Sayid.  Sayid knows he is going to die and knows he is going to hell. Jacob appears to Hurley.
“LA X- Part One”- 06x01

Four Toed Statue- (Night) Locke and Ben are inside and Locke cuts a piece of Jacob’s cloth with Jacob’s knife. Ben used this knife (covered in blood) to kill Jacob. Locke tells Ben Jacob is dead. Locke tells Ben that Jacob didn’t fight because he knew he was beaten. Locke directs Ben to Summon Richard (who is directly outside). . Ben exits the statue and tells Richard everything is all right (a lie) and tells him that Locke wants to speak to him. Richard grabs Ben and forces him to see the dead Locke that Ilana and her group carried from Hydra.
“LA X- Part One”- 06x01

Swan Hatch- (Night)- Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, and Jin attempt to reach Juliet.  They need to remove a heavy beam, which requires a wench from the Dharma van. Jin runs for the van.
“LA X- Part One”- 06x01

Jungle close to Swan inside Dharma van- (Night)- Hurley and Jacob talk.  Jacob talks Hurley that he died an hour previous.  He tells Hurley that his death was the result of an old friend who tiered of his company.  Jacob needs Hurley to save Sayid.  Jack cannot save Sayid, only the temple can. The rest of group will also be safe at the Temple. Hurley must also carry the guitar case.  Jin appears and directs Hurley (using the van) to the Swan to help remove a beam that covers the Swan.  Sawyer vows to Kate that if Juliet dies he will kill Jack.  The group use chains/wench to remove a beam trapping Juliet.
“LA X- Part One”- 06x01

Swan Hatch- (Night)- The beam obstructing the Swan is removed by using the wench of the Dharma van, allowing Sawyer to reach Juliet.  Juliet is alive, but just barely.  Juliet is able to tell Sawyer she detonated the bomb by hitting it with a rock. Sayid’s wounds are too extensive for Jack to repair.  Hurley tells Jack, Jin, and Miles that they must take Sayid to the Temple per Jacob’s orders.
“LA X- Part One”- 06x01

Swan Hatch- (Night)- Juliet tries to tell Sawyer something “really, really important, but she dies in his arms first.  Sawyer carries Juliet’s body out of the hole and tells Jack “You did this!”
“LA X- Part One”- 06x01

Ajira Landing - Day Six

Ajira Landing Day Six takes place in season Season Six.  To view Ajira Landing Day Six please visit Season Six- Ajira Landing- Day Six.

Season Five Flash Locations

Flash One - 2001

Flash 0ne - 2001
Flash occurs (1st) Losties are transported to 2001

The material items used to build the Losties beach camp has disappeared. The sinking freighter seems to also have disappeared. Locke, who was at Richard’s camp prior to the flash, is alone at their camp after the flash in a rainstorm, as the ‘Others’ seems to have disappeared.

Faraday and the group he was sheperding to the freighter join the Losties at the missing beach camp. Faraday tells the group “the camp isn’t gone, it had not been built yet”. Faraday explains the flash phenomenon as - ‘Think of the island like a record spinning on a turntable, only now the record is skipping. Ben, down at the Orchid station, dislodged us from time. Either the island is moving thru time, or we are.’

The group migrates toward the Swan (15 minutes from beach) to see if the Swan is still destroyed.

Locke emerges from the Richard’s camp just in time to see the beechcraft drug plane crash. Locke runs to the plane's crash site and is shot by Ethan at the plane's crash site who does not recognize Locke. Locke recognizes Ethan. Ethan is about to kill Locke when the second flash occurs.

Flash Two - 2007

Flash two- 2007
Flash occurs (2nd) Losties are transported to 2007

Day turns to night. Faraday tells Sawyer “we’re in the future or in the past”

Miles tells Charlotte- “It took Widmore 20 years to find this place the first time”

The group reaches the Swan and finds it is still destroyed.

Locke meets Richard at the burnt beechcraft drug plane. Locke is bleeding to death from Ethan’s bullet wound. Richard tells Locke that Richard and his group didn’t move, Locke did. Richard tells Locke that the people on the helicopter are safe and at home. Richard also tells Locke next time we see each other; I’m not going to recognize you, give me this (compass) so I know who you are. The third flash occurs while the Losties are at the destroyed Swan.

Flash Three - 2001

Flash three- 2001
Flash occurs (3rd) Losties are transported to 2001 (same day as flash one)

Night turns to day. The Beechcraft engine is still smoldering indicating that flash three occurred the same day as flash one.

The Swan is back (not found yet). Charlotte has a nosebleed. Sawyer attempts in vain to contact whomever is inside the Swan for supplies.

Faraday checks his notebook, and then contacts Desmond, who is inside the Swan. Faraday tries to tell Desmond to locate his mother, although the fourth flash occurs as he is saying this, Desmond understands Faraday's instructions and subsequently meets with Faraday's mother.

Flash Four - 1954

Flash four - 1954
Flash occurs (4th) Losties are transported to 1954

The camp is missing and the Losties are hungry.

Juliet inspects the zodiac raft and says it appears to be ok. Concerning the raft still being with the group while the other items are missing Juliet theorizes, “I guess whatever we had with us when we moved came along for the ride”

Faraday returns to the beach after missing for two hours missing. Faraday says he will try to figure out when they are in time so he can calculate a new bearing for the zodiac raft to leave the island.

Charlotte’s headaches are getting worse. Bernard attempts to start a fire with friction as Miles searches for food

Miles finds a recently (3 hours deceased) dead boar for food.

Arrows with flames are shot at the Losties during an invasion of the beach site. Many red shirts die in the invasion. The Losties run into the jungle and Sawyer yell for them to regroup at the creek. Sawyer and Juliet separate from the group as they are running from the invaders. Sawyer steps on an arrowhead and pulls it out of toe. Juliet and Sawyer are moving toward the creek and Juliet mentions, “it’s a big creek James, which part?” Sawyer and Juliet are captured by soldiers and asked ‘what they are doing in their island?’

The soldiers are about to cut off Juliet’s hand, but Locke appears and save Juliet and Sawyer by overcoming the soldiers.

On Island - Charlotte, Miles, Faraday, and two red shirts (unnamed extras) escape the beach flaming arrow invasion and are traveling toward the creek per Sawyers instructions to meet up with the other Losties. Charlotte complains of headaches, dizziness, and double vision. They arrive at the creek and no one is there. At the creek, Miles notices and warns group too late of booby trapped land mines, and the two red shirts are killed as Miles, Charlotte, and Faraday are surrounded by Others in soldier’s fatigues with bow and arrows and rifles. A woman soldier appears and Miles ‘Who’s in charge here?’ Miles points to Faraday. The woman points a rifle at Faraday and says, “You couldn’t stay away? Could you?”

On Island – Locke, Juliet, Sawyer have two “Others” dressed in military fatigues under control. Juliet wants to reconnect with the group at the creek. The captives talk to each other in Latin. Juliet interrogates them in Latin. Juliet realizes they are Others.

On Island – Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte are taken captive and moved toward the Other’s camp. During the trek, Miles notices bandages on one of the captures hands (burn?).

Miles tells Faraday “We just walked over a fresh grave, four US solders, dead just under a month. Three of them were shot, one died of radiation poisoning.”

Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte arrive at the Others camp.

Richard Alpert appears at the Other’s camp. Richard tells Faraday “ My name is Richard Alpert, I assume you’ve come back for your bomb”

On Island – Miles, Faraday, Charlotte are at the Others camp, and have their own tent. Richard Alpert enters the tent and tells Faraday “ We didn’t start this friend, your people attacked us. You come to our island to run your test. You fire on us, and what, you expect us to defend ourselves?”

Faraday pretends that the Losties, held captive, are from the U.S. military and needs to render the Hydrogen bomb, Jughead, inert.

Faraday tells Richard to trust him as he loves Charlotte and would never do anything to hurt her (blow up bomb)

On Island – Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer are leading their captives toward the creek. One of the captives (Cunningham is name on his military fatigues) tells Locke – ‘The rest of your people are either captured or dead’. He furthers his remark by telling Locke “That idiot (points to Sawyer) shouted out ‘meet at the creek, we knew exactly where they were headed, we sent a group after them’

Juliet gets Cunningham to agree to take them to their camp. “ Ok, were going to need to head east, another couple of kilometers, until we hit the ridge”

Jones (name on his military fatigue) breaks Cunningham’s neck, and runs from Locke, Sawyer, and Juliet. Locke does not shoot at Jones because ‘he is one off my people’

On Island – Miles professes his love toward Charlotte. As Richard undoes Faradays hand restraints, Richard remarks “ Whatever your supiors told your, I want you to know the truth. A month ago we found 18 members of an army battalion, right here, in our jungle setting up this camp, We gave them the opportunity to leave the island peaceably. They were not willing to do that. so I was forced to kill them”.

Alpart tells Faraday he follows a chain of command.

Jones appeared after escaping from Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer. Jones tells Alpart-

“Cunningham and I, a group of them surprised us, we were outnumbered, but I escaped.”

Locke, Sawyer, and Sawyer find the camp from afar.

Locke decides to enter the camp to confront Richard Alpert about their last meeting (in which Alpart gave Locke a compass) as Sawyer and Juliet follow Faraday, who is being let to the hydrogen bomb at gunpoint by an Other by the name of Ellie.

Faraday arrives at the hydrogen bomb ‘Jughead’ under gunpoint by Ellie. Faraday inspects the bomb and finds a crack in the casing.

Faraday asks Ellie “Do your people have any access to lead or concrete? There’s a crack in the casing. It needs to be filled with lead, take it off this platform carefully and bury it.”

Sawyer appears with Juliet, surprise Ellis, and take her rifle away.

On Island- Locke approaches Alpart ‘s camp. Alpart does not recognize Locke. Locke tells Alpart “ Jacob sent me”

Jones is actually Charles Widmore.

On Island 1954 - Locke gives Alpart the compass, which Alpart does not understand. Richard will not tell Locke how to get off the island, as it’s confidential information. Locke realizes a flash is about to occur. He tells Richard that he was born May 30th 1956 in Tuscan Arizona, USA. Locke encourages Richard to visit him at his pending birth.