Flash Four - 1954

Flash four - 1954
Flash occurs (4th) Losties are transported to 1954

The camp is missing and the Losties are hungry.

Juliet inspects the zodiac raft and says it appears to be ok. Concerning the raft still being with the group while the other items are missing Juliet theorizes, “I guess whatever we had with us when we moved came along for the ride”

Faraday returns to the beach after missing for two hours missing. Faraday says he will try to figure out when they are in time so he can calculate a new bearing for the zodiac raft to leave the island.

Charlotte’s headaches are getting worse. Bernard attempts to start a fire with friction as Miles searches for food

Miles finds a recently (3 hours deceased) dead boar for food.

Arrows with flames are shot at the Losties during an invasion of the beach site. Many red shirts die in the invasion. The Losties run into the jungle and Sawyer yell for them to regroup at the creek. Sawyer and Juliet separate from the group as they are running from the invaders. Sawyer steps on an arrowhead and pulls it out of toe. Juliet and Sawyer are moving toward the creek and Juliet mentions, “it’s a big creek James, which part?” Sawyer and Juliet are captured by soldiers and asked ‘what they are doing in their island?’

The soldiers are about to cut off Juliet’s hand, but Locke appears and save Juliet and Sawyer by overcoming the soldiers.

On Island - Charlotte, Miles, Faraday, and two red shirts (unnamed extras) escape the beach flaming arrow invasion and are traveling toward the creek per Sawyers instructions to meet up with the other Losties. Charlotte complains of headaches, dizziness, and double vision. They arrive at the creek and no one is there. At the creek, Miles notices and warns group too late of booby trapped land mines, and the two red shirts are killed as Miles, Charlotte, and Faraday are surrounded by Others in soldier’s fatigues with bow and arrows and rifles. A woman soldier appears and Miles ‘Who’s in charge here?’ Miles points to Faraday. The woman points a rifle at Faraday and says, “You couldn’t stay away? Could you?”

On Island – Locke, Juliet, Sawyer have two “Others” dressed in military fatigues under control. Juliet wants to reconnect with the group at the creek. The captives talk to each other in Latin. Juliet interrogates them in Latin. Juliet realizes they are Others.

On Island – Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte are taken captive and moved toward the Other’s camp. During the trek, Miles notices bandages on one of the captures hands (burn?).

Miles tells Faraday “We just walked over a fresh grave, four US solders, dead just under a month. Three of them were shot, one died of radiation poisoning.”

Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte arrive at the Others camp.

Richard Alpert appears at the Other’s camp. Richard tells Faraday “ My name is Richard Alpert, I assume you’ve come back for your bomb”

On Island – Miles, Faraday, Charlotte are at the Others camp, and have their own tent. Richard Alpert enters the tent and tells Faraday “ We didn’t start this friend, your people attacked us. You come to our island to run your test. You fire on us, and what, you expect us to defend ourselves?”

Faraday pretends that the Losties, held captive, are from the U.S. military and needs to render the Hydrogen bomb, Jughead, inert.

Faraday tells Richard to trust him as he loves Charlotte and would never do anything to hurt her (blow up bomb)

On Island – Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer are leading their captives toward the creek. One of the captives (Cunningham is name on his military fatigues) tells Locke – ‘The rest of your people are either captured or dead’. He furthers his remark by telling Locke “That idiot (points to Sawyer) shouted out ‘meet at the creek, we knew exactly where they were headed, we sent a group after them’

Juliet gets Cunningham to agree to take them to their camp. “ Ok, were going to need to head east, another couple of kilometers, until we hit the ridge”

Jones (name on his military fatigue) breaks Cunningham’s neck, and runs from Locke, Sawyer, and Juliet. Locke does not shoot at Jones because ‘he is one off my people’

On Island – Miles professes his love toward Charlotte. As Richard undoes Faradays hand restraints, Richard remarks “ Whatever your supiors told your, I want you to know the truth. A month ago we found 18 members of an army battalion, right here, in our jungle setting up this camp, We gave them the opportunity to leave the island peaceably. They were not willing to do that. so I was forced to kill them”.

Alpart tells Faraday he follows a chain of command.

Jones appeared after escaping from Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer. Jones tells Alpart-

“Cunningham and I, a group of them surprised us, we were outnumbered, but I escaped.”

Locke, Sawyer, and Sawyer find the camp from afar.

Locke decides to enter the camp to confront Richard Alpert about their last meeting (in which Alpart gave Locke a compass) as Sawyer and Juliet follow Faraday, who is being let to the hydrogen bomb at gunpoint by an Other by the name of Ellie.

Faraday arrives at the hydrogen bomb ‘Jughead’ under gunpoint by Ellie. Faraday inspects the bomb and finds a crack in the casing.

Faraday asks Ellie “Do your people have any access to lead or concrete? There’s a crack in the casing. It needs to be filled with lead, take it off this platform carefully and bury it.”

Sawyer appears with Juliet, surprise Ellis, and take her rifle away.

On Island- Locke approaches Alpart ‘s camp. Alpart does not recognize Locke. Locke tells Alpart “ Jacob sent me”

Jones is actually Charles Widmore.

On Island 1954 - Locke gives Alpart the compass, which Alpart does not understand. Richard will not tell Locke how to get off the island, as it’s confidential information. Locke realizes a flash is about to occur. He tells Richard that he was born May 30th 1956 in Tuscan Arizona, USA. Locke encourages Richard to visit him at his pending birth.