Flash Seven - November 18, 1988

Flash seven- November 18th, 1988
Flash occurs (7th) Losties are transported to November 18th 1988

 Night/rainstorm- Rain storm occurs and the group (Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte) in the outrigger paddle to reach the shore.
The group on the outrigger reach a beach, but do not know their location, as it is still dark.

Clouds with lighting are just off the coast. At the beach, Sawyer tells Juliet about seeing Kate deliver Clair’s baby Aaron in the jungle.   Juliet develops a nosebleed.
The group find recent wreckage along the beach. One of the pieces has French markings on it.
        About this time, another group of survivors from an unknown boat are floating in a life raft toward the island and find Jin, unconscious, clinging to a wooden piece of wreckage. They pull Jin aboard.
The group of survivors that picked up Jin reach the beach.  They are a French research team that diverted their boat to investigate the origin of the numbers being broadcast by the radio tower. One of them is seven months pregnant. Her name is Danielle Rousseau.

Next morning/Clear- Beach site where Jin and French survivors landed. 

The French survivors hear the numbers being broadcast on their radio. The same broadcast that initially drew them toward the island. The French survivors, investigating the numbers, want to travel to the broadcast tower and use it to signal for help. Rousseau says they sailed from Tahiti November 15th, 1988.

Jin tells group there is a radio tower on island. Jin does not know how to get to the Losties camp from their current beach location, but knows how to travel from the radio tower to the Lostie's beach camp. Jin agrees to go with group to radio station then lead them to the Losties beach camp.

The group uses the radio transmission strength to direct them to radio tower. As they travel toward the radio tower, one of their group named Nadine disappears. They hear the monster. The group searches for Nadine, and find her body as it falls from a tree canopy. The monster grabs Montand and pulls him into a hole. The group grabs Montand and tries to hold him from being pulled into the hole. His arm is pulled off and he falls into the hole. He calls for help. The balence of the group, except for Jin and Rousseau, enter the hole. Flash eight occurs.