Flash One - 2001

Flash 0ne - 2001
Flash occurs (1st) Losties are transported to 2001

The material items used to build the Losties beach camp has disappeared. The sinking freighter seems to also have disappeared. Locke, who was at Richard’s camp prior to the flash, is alone at their camp after the flash in a rainstorm, as the ‘Others’ seems to have disappeared.

Faraday and the group he was sheperding to the freighter join the Losties at the missing beach camp. Faraday tells the group “the camp isn’t gone, it had not been built yet”. Faraday explains the flash phenomenon as - ‘Think of the island like a record spinning on a turntable, only now the record is skipping. Ben, down at the Orchid station, dislodged us from time. Either the island is moving thru time, or we are.’

The group migrates toward the Swan (15 minutes from beach) to see if the Swan is still destroyed.

Locke emerges from the Richard’s camp just in time to see the beechcraft drug plane crash. Locke runs to the plane's crash site and is shot by Ethan at the plane's crash site who does not recognize Locke. Locke recognizes Ethan. Ethan is about to kill Locke when the second flash occurs.