Flash Six - 2007

Flash six- 2007
Flash occurs (6th) Losties are transported to 2007
On island – Day- Locke tell Sawyer about the light shining from the Swan. Locke tells Sawyer he didn’t try to influence his earlier self because he needed to go through the pain to be where he is now. Miles tells Faraday about his nosebleed. Miles tells Faraday he shouldn’t be getting a nosebleed as he was only on the island for two weeks. Faraday answers, “ Are you sure about that?” The group then finds the beach camp.
The camp is deserted and the zodiac is missing along with Rose, Bernard, and Vincent. They find two outrigger boats. One has a bottle of water with an Ajira label on it.
The group takes one of the outrigger and paddles toward the Orchid. Because of Charlotte's weak condition, Locke decides to take an easier path to the Orchid. This path involves traveling south by cannoe from the beach camp, going around the island, landing on the east coast where they can hike through the east mountain range, and approaching the Orchid from a gentle slope. Traveling north would have been a direct and quicker route, but would have involved a steeper mountain approach.

As they are paddling Sawyer says to Juliet "I saw Kate last night in the jungle, just before the last flash.  She was delivering Claire's baby." Juliet responds "That was two months ago". Sawyer says "Time travels' a bitch."
 Another outrigger appears behind them and starts shooting at the group with a rifle. Juliet returns rifle fire. Flash seven occurs.


Anonymous said...

Hello, could you please explain why they would go so far out from the Island and then past the Orchid before turning around and heading along the NW beach back towards the Orchid. Also in your image what is the horn of the Island they are trying to go around?


Anonymous said...

Also wouldn't they see the statue thing and the door station as well as the pala ferry dock and be surprised?