Flash nine through 15 - time unknown

Flash 9-15- Time unknown

Flash nine occurs- Losties transported to unknown time.
Jin wakes up in the jungle in the path of Locke, Sawyer, Miles, Charlotte, and Faraday. Charlotte translates in Korean for Locke and Jin. Locke explains to Jin (with Charlotte’s translation) that Sun is alive and well off of the island and explains the flashes will stop when they reach the Orchid in an effort to return everyone to the island.

Flash ten occurs- Losties transported to unknown time
Day turns to night.
Flash eleven occurs- Losties transported to unknown time
On island- Night turns to day. Charlotte collapses. Juliet and Sawyer develop nosebleeds. Charlotte tells Jin- “ Don’t let them bring her back, this place is death!” Charlotte starts talking as a child.

Flash twelve occurs- Losties transported to unknown time
On island- The group decides to leave Charlotte behind with Faraday while they travel to the Orchid to save time. Charlotte tells Locke to look for a well if the Orchid is not there. They arrive at the existing Orchid.

Flash 13 occurs- Losties transported to unknown time
On island- The Orchid disappears, but there is a well nearby intact. Charlotte is dying. Charlotte tells Faraday she grew up on the island. She was part of the Dharma initiative. She moved away with her mother. She never saw her father again. When she arrived at England, her mother told her it wasn’t real and that Charlotte made it up. She has been searching for the island her whole life. When Charlotte was a girl, a man told her she has to leave the island and never come back. Faraday was that man!
At the well Locke gives his work to Jin that he will not bring Sun back to the island. Jin gives his wedding band to Locke and tells Locke to tell Sun that his body washed up on shore and they buried him. Locke enters the well, falls, and breaks his leg into a compound fracture.
Flash 14- Losties transported to unknown time
On island- Faraday tells Charlotte his mother will help them. Charlotte talks as a baby, then dies.
Locke finds himself at the bottom of the Orchid as the well has disappeared. Locke sees Christian Shephard. Christian tells Locke that he was supposed to move the island, not Ben. Christian tells Locke everyone must come back to the island. Locke must put the donkey wheel back on its axis. Locke does so. A very bright light engulfs Locke and Christian.
Flash 15 occurs- Losties transported to 1974

Christian tells Locke to visit his son as flash 15 occurs. Locke responds, “Who is your son?” Locke is transported to the island exit, Tunesia. Sawyer, Jin, Miles, Juliet, and Daniel realize their head aches and nosebleeds have stopped. The group is transported to 1974.