Ajira Landing - Day Two

 Screen Shots Throughout Day Two


  Travels Throughout Day Two

Hydra Beach – (Morning)
Locke is on the beach looking at the main island. Ilana approaches him. Locke asks Ilana about the outriggers behind them.  Ilanna explains that there initially there were three outriggers, but the captain and a woman passenger (Sun) took them in the middle of the night. Locke asks Ilana for a passenger list.  She tells Locke she will have to talk to Ceaser first.  Ilana asks Locke what he remembers. Locke answers “I remember dying”.
“The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham”- 05x07

Hydra Islet- (Night)- Caesar returns to Bens’ office and rifles through the Dhama files. John Locke enters the office.  Locke explains to Caesar that the file he is looking at has a logo, which means it is from a group called the Dharma Initiative. Locke explains that he knows this because he was previously on the island (main) for over 100 days Locke tells Caesar that the timing of him on the island would just confuse him. Locke requests that he and Ceaser visit the injured at the injured at the infirmary
“The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham”  05x07

Hydra Islet- Infirmary-  (Night)- Locke focuses on one injured passenger, Ben. Caesar asks Locke if he knows him. Locke responds, “ Yes, he’s the man who killed me”
The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham”  05x07

Main Island- (Day/Night)- Sun and Frank spend the complete day and night at the barracks waiting for Locke per Christian Shephard's instructions.
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