Flash Eight - Between January 3 – January 17, 1989

Flash eight- Between January 3-January 17, 1989

Flash eight occurs- Losties transported to between January 3 – January 17, 1989.
On island- Jin finds himself alone with Montand’s arm at the Temple. Jin travels into jungle, climbs hill and sees a smoke signal. Jin approaches the smoke signal. It is a beach camp. Jin finds 2 dead bodies (Brennan and Lacombe). Jin spies Danielle holding Robert at gunpoint. Danielle claims that he is no longer Robert, but that the monster changed him into someone else with a sickness. Robert claims that the monster is simply a security system to protect that temple. Rousseau kills Robert, and then tries to shoot Jin. Jin runs into jungle.


Anonymous said...

i have i problem with this...kinda. if miles and juliet and all those others were way closer to rusoes camp than jin was, why didnt they see the smoke?

TheLostMap said...

Jin climbed to a high point to see the smoke signal. The group was probably too close and in a jungle to be able to see the smoke. Even if they did see the smoke signal, they probably wouldn't have investigated it as they were driven to get to the Orchkid